Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blast! A missed photo opportunity

Ten fashion-hungry females and heaping mounds of neglected clothes on the verge of a renaissance. For three manic hours on a Saturday afternoon, the 2nd semi-annual "Never-Been-Worn" Clothes Swap and Auction Extravaganza returned!

This is how we do it: First, we gorge ourselves on boursin and crackers, homemade cookies and mini eggs. Oh, and of course quench our thirst with caramel apple martinis and white wine; nothing says NBW like a 3pm cocktail! Then each participant itemizes every article she has brought to the table.

Required details include: brand name, city of purchase, number of times worn, whether or not there is "a time and a place for it", and any deficiencies worth mentioning.

Once all has been seen the bidding begins. The try-ons begin. Soon there are half-naked ladies in every room of the house swapping goods, correcting postures in front of mirrors. More wine is poured. A secretary keeps track of monies owed.

"How much for the boots?"

Transactions occur. And of course, bidding wars are inevitable.

It is worth noting that one woman's trash is another's treasure. Case in point: a "Leggo my Eggo" t-shirt actually found a new home today.

I am 3 tops, 2 pants, 1 jacket and eighty dollars richer than I was this morning. I only wish I had thought to capture the madness with my camera, bare bums and all.

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