Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A poem for the wee ones

Paw prints on the sidewalk
two, four, six, eight, ten,
are the only concrete evidence
of some four-legged friend.

I inspected them quite closely
and began to track the trail.
"Judging by the clues" I said,
"the culprit has a tail."

Muddy marks were on the grass
(the sidewalk was still new)
Were they left by Pug or Labrador?
Saint Bernard or Cockapoo?

I combed the yard for further clues,
a leash, some drool, a bone.
My neighbours offered up some tips,
but I chose to work alone.

Then just as I was near the fence,
something caught my eye -
a path of mucky footprints
too dog-like to deny.

So I got down upon all fours
just like the wanted pet
and deduced the muddy substance
was indeed sand and aggregate!

The path continued through my yard,
my pulse began to race.
The mutt was on my property,
I'd nearly solved the case!

I traced the scent to my own porch
And braced for the arrest,
I expected confrontation
full of growls and protest.

But I'd found him now! I'd show that hound
Who had the better nose!
I crept sneakily up the stairs,
This case was almost closed....

the news reports would claim.

"Fugitive!" I proclaimed,
"Put your paws up in the air!
It's time you were brought to justice,
the law is tough but fair.

"If you cooperate and tell me who
released you from your yard,
a flea bargain will be offered,
your time will not be hard."

No answer came, no doggy bark
no yelping in defeat,
so I slowly opened wide the door,
not sure whose face I'd meet.

On a chair, warmed by the sun,
was a mound of light grey fur,
It yawned and rolled upon its back,
and that mound began to purr.

"George!" I cried, "so it was YOU!"
"Meow." was all he said.
I looked at him, he looked at me,
and nothing more was said.

The proof was on his guilty paws,
and smeared across the mat.
This case is closed, the dossier reads:
"Out-smarted by a cat!"


Anonymous said...

Sloth, you are my hero. Please illustrate this some day. I will buy it for my kids, I swear.

Sarah said...

hehe, thanks Chunk. It's on my "to-do" list...but still needs a lot of fine-tuning...