Friday, August 29, 2008


My friend Sarah and I used to take turns writing four-line stanzas of little poems for kids, just for fun. We'd often pass them back and forth via email when I was living in Halifax and she was in Victoria. This one is from the archives, and is unfinished (we didn't get very far) so add a verse, if you please.....

Under a rosebush,
on top of a slug
sat little Jemima
a lone ladybug.

The slug was quite slimy
but Jemima don't mind--
the slime held them together,
a gluish-like bind.

Through rains of November,
while winter winds blew,
under hot July sun,
nothing unstuck the glue.

And when Slug was down-hearted,
feeling sad, feeling blue
Jemima summoned her wits,
she knew just what to do....

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