Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here is my latest sketch, although I'm not sure where this little one is going to end up ultimately:

My process for this style that I often work in is to first sketch with a combination of pencil and charcoal, and sometimes a smidgen of ink on watercolour paper. Then I scan the drawing and play with it in photoshop a little, usually adjusting the colour balance to get a sepia tone:

And I know it is largely frowned upon to use photoshop filters, but sometimes I can't help it....

So there are three versions of this little hatchling....I can't decide if I'll incorporate him into my Animal Alphabet wall cards somehow, although "B" (bird) and "C" (chick) have already been taken by Bumble Bee and Chipmunk. Or maybe he'd make a really cute "Congratulations On Your New Arrival" card. What do you think? And which of the three versions do you prefer? All comments are happily received and appreciated.

Here are a couple of the Animal Alphabet wall cards I mentioned. Process is the same, except with these critters I stitched fabric onto the paper for some added texture:

Thanks for checking in!

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